The Ceremuga Family - FREE Snow Making Projects, Snowguns and Plans

Here are the most common snowguns with general layout, picture and plans.

Please note.  Nobody but yourself is responsible for any injury that may be incurred while building or using these devices.  The plans are free of charge and you use them at your own risk.  Any time you are messing with high pressure parts you have the risk of serious injury.  Unless you are willing to take complete responsibility for your actions, do not even attemps to build or use a snow gun.

Snowmaker 4 Internal Mix

Snowmaker 4 (Inexpensive design)

Mini Snowmaker 4

Internal Mix T Gun

BYB Clone External Mix

Combo Gun Internal Mix

Hago External Mix

12/16/2008 - Here are some newer revisions of the above.  Special thanks to Daniel Knight who put these in .pdf's and produced these designs.  He made it simple by listing all of the parts needed to create each.

Combo Gun Model

Hago Snow Gun

Sue 15b Snow Gun

Tee Gun Model