Hago External Mix Snowgun

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Image of Hago External Mix Snowgun

Closeup of Hago Nozzle NUC in action

Close up of Hago Nozzle Alignment

General parts list and assembly:

Hago nozzles, can be purchased at most Plumbing and heating supply companies.
I use 3.25gph Stainless Steel in a 45 degree hollow cone.
They are the HO series, designed for oil use, but perfect for water also.
The nozzle adapters come in 3 heights.
1 3/8"
I used the 1 3/8" because standard 3" nipples allowed perfect alignment for the air when adjusting the height,to hit at 90 degrees.

Parts list

  1. 1/4" TEE (Red&Pink = 6   use all brass (I didn't)
  2. 3" nipples (Blue) = 3
  3. 90 degree elbow (white + under HAGO)  = 2
  4. 1 1/2" nipple (Green) = 5
  5. 45 degree elbow (Hose barb screws in here) = 1
  6. 1/2" Ball  valve
  7. 1/2" gate valve = 2
  8. 6" nipple = 1
  9. 1/2" male to 1/4" female reducer (QTY 2) for 1/2" gate valve (both sides)
  10. 1/2" Male thread to 1/4" female reducer for Ball valve to connect to (blue) 3" nipple
  11. 1/2" male thread to 3/8" female reducer for 3/8" quick connect.
  12. You will need to decide on what type of pressure hose you are using.
  13. 3/8" quick connect won't freeze like a 1/4" will

Your choice at this point for a mounting rod could be another  6" or 8" nipple with a plug or cap on the bottom, this is strictly for mounting into a pipe or clamping it to something.
In the photo it is the pipe extending down from the pink dot.
Remember water is flowing through this, so it must be capped.

Misting nozzles are
TeeJets  4002, 4003, 4004, 4005  2 of each,
Start with 4002 and 4003.
You need the nozzle adapters to adapt to a 1/4" male thread.
Can be done many different ways.

Hago oil burner nozzles  3.5gph 20, 30, 45 degree hollowcone, your  choice I prefer 45 but have used 20 degree with smaller orifice air nozzles.
Nozzle adapter, needed for Hago.

I use a garden hose for an airline, and highly recommend it for no freeze up operation.
A 1/2" NPT to 5/8" garden hose adapter is needed.
All easily found at any hardware store.

Slight variations in design are likely, but just study the picture, and lay out the parts, and you will get a sense what is taking place.